980-447-2682 or 980-HI-SANTA

Tawagan at Iwanan ang iyong Christmas Wish para kay Santa

The most asked question is "What is Santa's Phone Number?"

Now you can call the Santa Claus hotline number 980-447-2682
and tell him what you what your wish list is.

Santa's elves will be sure to make your holiday dreams come true!

So don't hesitate to pick up the phone and give Santa a call today!


Hoy Mga Bata, May Espesyal na Mensahe si Santa para sa Iyo



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Santa's Hotline: Open All Day, Every Day

No matter where you are in the world, you can reach Santa. His hotline is open 24 hours a day, covering all 22 different time zones. Whether it's morning or night, Santa is always ready to listen.

What Can You Talk About with Santa?

When you call Santa's telephone number at 980-447-2682, you might be wondering what to discuss. Well, there's so much!
Tell Santa about your year, the things you've learned at school, your favorite moments, and what gifts you're hoping to get. If you're feeling creative, you can even sing a song or share a story. Santa loves hearing from good boys and girls!

The Famous Naughty or Nice List

Are you curious about the naughty and nice list? Remember, Santa knows that everyone tries to be their best. Calling Santa's phone number is a fantastic way to let him know about all the good things you've done. The call to Santa Claus number is free.

Leaving a Message for Santa at the North Pole

Sometimes, Santa might be busy with his elves, making toys, or taking care of his reindeer. If he can't answer, you can leave a message. Don't worry, Santa makes sure to listen to every message he receives!

Calling Santa: A Free and Exciting Adventure

You don't need any special magic to call Santa. Dialing the Santa Hotline at 980-447-2682 is absolutely free. You can use any phone to reach him.

Share the Magic with Friends

Imagine if all your friends called Santa too! You can spread the joy by telling them about Santa's phone number. A wonderful way to share the holiday spirit.

Santa's Helpers Around the World

Did you know that Santa has helpers all over the world? They assist him in keeping track of who has been good and who requires a little nudge to improve. By calling Santa, you can become one of his helpers too!

Santa's Workshop: A Buzz of Activity

The North Pole is a magical place where Santa and his elves work all year round. They make toys, prepare the sleigh, and take care of the reindeer. When you call, you might even hear some of the exciting sounds from Santa's workshop.

Santa's Reindeer: Ready for Christmas Eve

Santa's reindeer are an essential part of the Christmas magic. They train all year to make sure they can deliver gifts to everyone around the world. When you call Santa, you can ask about Rudolph, Dasher, Dancer, and all the other reindeer.

Santa's Elves: The Unsung Heroes

Santa's elves are incredibly hardworking. They make toys, wrap gifts, and keep the North Pole running smoothly. When you call Santa, maybe you can give a shout-out to the elves and thank them for their hard work. They greatly appreciate it!

Write to Santa Too!

Apart from calling, did you know you can also write letters to Santa? Another fun way to communicate with him is. You can send your Christmas wish list, drawings, or just a note to say hi. Santa loves getting mail from children all over the world.

Christmas Stories and Songs

So many wonderful Christmas stories and songs exist. Why not share your favorite Christmas story or sing a Christmas carol when you call Santa? A great way to spread holiday cheer and make your call even more special.

The Spirit of Giving

Christmas is not just about receiving gifts; it's also about giving. When you call Santa at 980-447-2682, you can discuss the ways you've helped others. Maybe you've been kind to a friend, helped at home, or shared with someone in need. Santa loves hearing about these acts of kindness.

Preparing for Santa's Visit

As Christmas gets closer, you can call Santa and tell him how you're preparing for his visit. Are you hanging stockings? Decorating a Christmas tree? Baking cookies? Santa enjoys hearing about your holiday preparations.

Santa's Safety Tips

Santa wants everyone to be safe and happy. When you call, he might share some safety tips for the holiday season. Staying safe while having fun is important!

Countdown to Christmas

With every day that passes, we get closer to Christmas. You can call Santa and discuss your excitement as the eagerly anticipated day approaches. Maybe you can even start a countdown to Christmas with Santa.

Santa's Favorite Cookies

Do you know what kind of cookies Santa likes? When you call him, ask about his favorite cookies. Maybe you can leave some out for him on Christmas Eve!